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August 07 2017

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How long until I start painting symbols on the wall?

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When you gotta stay out of the spot light because you’re supposedly dead but your BFs does not seem to understand what stealth means.

Just Assassin’s Things

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Why did I think this was a good idea?? I don’t even know where I was going with this? I am tired bye.

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Inktober - 06

Today inktober is Desmond, and you all should have seen it coming. Originally it was gonna be prostetic arm Desmond but then it turned into this.

Halfway through inking I realized I would have to eyeball his tattoo, fuck his tattoo tho, this drawing was so small it was a pain.

I like to think Desmon enjoys sitting at really high places, from where he can see everyone and he feels safe knowing no one will get to him there.

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When he had been looking for a place to stay he knew it had to be safe, quiet, a place where no Templar or Assassin would find him. 

He thought he had found it. 

Until now.

“Go to Seattle” He said under his breath as he jumped behind a trash can while an explosion blew on the street and the people ran away from the place.

“Nothing ever happens in Seattle” His voice devoid of any emotion, while looking from behind his hiding spot. Fire and bullets flying everywhere.

Nothing surprised him anymore, to be honest, he should have expected something like this,his life couldn’t be more messed up.

A young man jumped from the top of a building, fire and ashes coming alive from his hands as he took down officer after officer. Explosion and chains against bullets.

Desmond could only stare. God he was so tired of this kind of bullshit.

“Fucking Liars” He finally whispered as he walked away, hidding in the shadows.

He should have gone back to New York.

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@isle-of-hot-ass-men asked:  Okay but Delsin surprising Desmond with a laser light show in the living room when Desmond thought he only had smoke powers.

Desmond is torn between being amazed and running for the hills.

How is it that he always manages to end in the most fucked up of situations. Can’t he have a moment of peace.

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Desmond still hasn’t accepted the fact that Delsin approach to fighting is anything but stealthy, he will continue to wonder just how exactly this boy managed to survive all this time on his own.

Eventually he will try and teach him how to fight stealthy only to fail.

In response to some Asks by @fancydelusionluminary

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*Record Scratch*
*Freeze Frame*
“Hi, my name is Desmond Miles and you’re probably wondering how I got in the situation with me about to die. Well I should probably start at the beginning and the beginning is about 800 years ago give or take a few. It all started with my ancestor Altair who decided he wanted to be an assassin.”

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how have i gone this long without drawing my favorite son.

please help him.


Rebecca: Oh shit, Templars! Run, Desmond! Run like you’re not in a coma!

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Desmond finally decides to tell Delsin what exactly are the Templars and Assassins, why he is one, and the whole “those who came before” thing, including humans actually being created as a working force for a bunch of technologically advanced race of being who originally inhabited earth before a solar flare wipped them out since they were so preocupied trying to regain control of the humans that had started to rebel and such.

Delsin… took some time to just digest it all.

August 06 2017

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ac aesthetic: subject 17

his name was Desmond Miles, and he brought us to the end.
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And because today is a special day, here is my bby, Desmond Miles.

He deserved so much more. ( Q v Q)

[ Patreon is currently on hiatus but thank you for considering <3 ]

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Shaun has no chill. Inspired by @incorrectassassinscreedquotes post

Edit: somehow I always forget Desmond’s tattoo

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I am an Assassin.

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Inspired by @incorrectassassinscreedquotes post

Desmond is 10000% done tbh.

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let him rest

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