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June 15 2017

Maybe we need a hobby
— Percy, after every member of Vox Machina has died at least once
Do we have someone from a sketchy background who can search the vehicle? Oh, Vax! How about you search the vehicle?
— Percival, about searching through the Trickfoots’ potentially questionable belongings



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keyleth from critical role !!  ✿ ♛ ✿*゚‘ *

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I’m sure this is old hat but I believed Desmond deserved better. I was so prepared for him to have this amazing Modern Assassin’s tale that focused on him and his cells. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that he went back in time but I feel like there was so much to be explored in Modern times. He deserved better than that shitty death scene. Plus he never even met his son, (according to wiki at least).

image from madeinmasyaf

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favorite video game characters  → the outsider, dishonored.

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June 14 2017



If anyone ever accuses you of doing something “for attention,” simply gaze heroically into the middle distance and murmur, “like Lord Byron before me.”

#once again#the internet returns to its hobby#of dragging Lord Byron 

I have a literature degree, and I’d just like you all to know that this is a Good and Valid hobby and it has my full support.


Can I have an AU where everything is the same but Desmond doesn’t die?

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Very Shitty Critical Role-Inspired Lockscreens


More lockscreens here! 

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If you were wondering what I was doing while my blog’s been gone, wonder no more

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video game meme: [2/5 heartbreaking scenes/moments] → Sarah’s death and Joel’s reaction.



anybody on here ever heard of critical thinking

i can guarantee i have never rolled a 20 on thinking

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i had a dream i drew VM as bunnies… and then i woke up and did it

left to right; vex, vax, keyleth, grog, pike, tary, percy!


“I’ll DM you,” I said.

You sit patiently, expecting a private message at any moment. There’s a knock at your door. It’s me, dressed in a surprisingly well made wizard robe, arms full of books and dice.

“Roll for initiative.” I utter.

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